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Monday, July 2, 2012

A Cool Summer Treat

If you're an East Coaster like myself, you are probably sweltering in this persistent heat wave.  It can be hard to enjoy a sweet treat in hot weather especially when faced with ice cream, gelato, and sorbets.  So when I'm craving something cool and sweet, I turn to banana whip!

I have frozen blackberries on hand, but banana whip is really versatile.  Go naked and just stick with bananas.  Or add a dash of cocao powder.  The banana is great on its own but also provides a wonderful canvas for other flavors.  I love banana whip not only because it is delicious but most importantly, it is easy to make and incredibly healthy.

Contrary to popular belief, you don't need a Vitamix or a Champion Juicer.  I used my Cuisinart food processar/hand blender combo and it worked great.

Berry Banana Whip

1 frozen, very ripe banana
5-8 blackberries
nuts for topping
agave, optional

Slice the banana into small chunks.  
Toss all fruit into the blender and blend until creamy.  
Add agave if desired and blender until incorporated.  
I sprinkled some sliced almonds, 
but any traditional ice cream topping will do.  
I especially love a drizzle of chocolate!

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