“Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others.” ~ Jonathan Swift

Friday, July 31, 2009

The Summer So Far

I'm baaaaaaaack!  So, after going into blog-hiding for over a month, I really don't have much to report.  How...pathetic.

The diet is going well, though I do find that summertime treats like ice cream and cold happy hour drinks tempt me too often.  Overall, I've been pretty good.  My CSA box keeps me on my toes in terms of recipes.  I've had everything from zucchini soup to muffins and this week may try zucchini stuffed with feta.  Too much zucchini!  And beets!  A girl can only eat so many beets.  Last week I roasted them, sliced them into matchsticks, and rolled them in some brown rice, tofu and nori for a weird veggie-sushi combination.  It was not bad but not necessarily something I'd repeat.  At least it was super healthy and anti-inflammatory.  Riiiiight.

Thankfully, the most exciting part of my summer has nothing to do with my eye.  I took a much-needed vacation to Mexico and indulged in lots of treats not approved by my diet: strong delicious margaritas, flan, coconut ice cream, flour and corn tortillas, and coca-cola (which, by the way, was the one thing I had resisted for the longest time).  However, I was also very good in Mexico.  The seafood is so abundant and fresh that I usually ordered the shrimp or fish tacos anyway.  On my final two days of the trip, I contracted a mild but still unpleasant stomach virus.  The way I see it, it really doesn't matter if I put all that junk in my body because I'm pretty sure it went right through my system anyway!