“Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others.” ~ Jonathan Swift

Monday, June 22, 2009


My doctor's appointment today went really well.  Left eye is fine, as usual, and Ol' Rightie gained a few lines on the eye chart!  Woohoo!  Yeehaw!   Doctors are super happy too...so happy they decided to give me another injection.  I think this is like #4 or 5 or something for 2009; perhaps we should start celebrating anniversaries together.  Today, I was given a Lucentis injection, which operates similarly to Avastin; however, according to my doctor, Lucentis offers a more powerful dose of blood-vessel-zapping power.  That said, it's also more short lived.  Doctor hopes to regain as much of my eyesight as quickly as possible.  I see him again in late August.

I don't know much about Lucentis except that a lot of MFC folks receive this treatment.  If you have any insights into Lucentis, please leave me a message.   

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Checking In and Checking Out

I don't have much to report except that I am eating a delicious anti-inflammatory meal as I write this.  My CSA has been slowly...slowly...improving, and today I received a bunch of beets.  So I stopped by the fish market for salmon steaks.  Though I take fish oil caplets daily, I like to eat actual fish for protein and extra omega-3s; I am also trying to gain weight sort of (un)sucessfully--packed on three pounds what what!  


When I got home, I peeled and sliced the beets, tossed them in olive oil with salt and pepper, and roasted them for 30 minutes at 375.  My salmon steaks were similarly prepared.  As an added bonus, I de-stemmed the beet greens and chopped them into smaller chunks before quickly sauteing them in garlic and olive oil.  The end result: a colorful, tasty, and healthy meal.  I am always impressed by how far salt, pepper, and olive oil can take a meal.  All three ingredients taste radically different but also complementary.

I have another appointment on Monday, which makes me nervous.  Work has been eventful--too stressful actually--and I hope Ol' Rightie knows better than to let a little stress get to it.  Cross your fingers.   Back to my dinner!